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Some of PURPLE DRAGON are in the WYRD SISTERS to be performed on 14th and 15th December, and so there isn't a youth programme this term.

From the archives...

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In July 2005 the Invergordon Youth Players – now named Purple Dragon - decided to do a project on the Jacobites. A small group went to Culloden Moor Battle Field to get a feel for Jacobean life. They put together a proposal of doing a video project, on the Jacobites and applied for the funding from Heritage Lottery Fund. The funding was received and the project started in March.

     “So far we have discussed what is going to happen in the project and we have started with scripting, making our costumes and now we are preparing for a living history camp, to give us a look at what life would be like for the young Jacobites. It’s really cool!!” Rebecca Sydenham. (Purple Dragon member)

     In late March 2006 Ian Deveney from Battlescar Entertainments came along to give the group information about how the battle of Culloden started. He also brought some authentic weapons and costumes to show them. Ian will also be working with the group throughout the whole project, to share his experience and knowledge of Jacobean life and battles.

     The costumes have also been quite an epic itself. One of the members stated this quote about using the sewing machines “They were very challenging, I’d never used them before.”

      The group asked Phoenix VP, local video production company to help with the project. The filming will be taking place at the end of the summer holidays. The group are doing everything in this project, scripting, filming, lighting, make up, costumes, editing, sound, music and acting. “Through this project I hope to develop my acting skills and gain a deeper understanding of Scottish Culture.” Robert King.

The group making their own costumes
Costume making

     The group attended a heritage camp where they took part in authentic Jacobite activities. Such activities included wearing authentic costumes, eating and cooking authentic food. Such food included porridge, stew, soup and fruit as well as pine needle tea. Pine needles were collected and boiled by the group so that they could experience making the tea themselves, as the Jacobites would have done. Lichen was collected so that the group could later use it for dying materials for clothing. They also learnt how to make thread with a drop spindle.

“It was cold and snowing during the camp but warmer sitting next to the fire.” Heather Macintosh – group member.

“I thought the porridge would be better but it tasted like water, and not very nice water.” Emma MacNeil.

The project will continue until mid October 2006.

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The film was completed in October 2006.


At the Jacobite camp
Happy campers


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