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The Invergordon Players

Our First Production . . .

Youth Players
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(the best half of)
A Midsummer Night's Dream
William Shakespeare
Directed by Kirree Seddon
(27th March & 19th June 2004)

HERE'S A TIP.. Read the text portions of this page while your computer loads the photos.

The parts of the play performed were where six men rehearse and perform a play before the Duke and Duchess on their wedding day. Peter Quince is the troop leader and playwright, with the over-enthusiastic, pain-in-the-neck Bottom, along with Starvling, Snug, Snout, and Flute all given parts to act out.

Also, Titania, having just had magic flower juice dropped in her eyes by Oberon; she falls in love with Bottom who now has an asses head on his shoulders the work of the mischievous Puck.

The play culminates in the staging of the dramatic play where Pyramus (Bottom) and Thisbe (Flute) die in similar circumstances to Romeo and Juliet.

Fuggo King - Peter Quince the Carpenter (& gives Prologue)

Robert Dinneen - Francis Flute the Bellows-mender (& Thisby)

Cathey Reece - Robin Starvling the Tailor (& Moonshine) -  March 2004

Chris Godley - Robin Starvling the Tailor (& Moonshine) -  June 2004

Cath Giles - Robin Goodfellow (Puck)

Sandra Miller - Snug the Joiner (& Lion)

Daveen Dinneen - Tom Snout the Tinker (& Wall)

Adrian Clark - Titania Queen of the Fairies and also Philostrate

Emily Goodwin - Hippolyta Queen of the Amazons, and also a Fairy - June

Martin Rattray - Thesius, and also a waiter - June

Robert Goodwin - Nick Bottom the Weaver (& Pyramus)

Martin Watssman - Oberon, King of the Fairies - June



Here are shots from rehearsals for 27th March

We think this is Robert Dinneen...?
Robert Dinneen
Dressed for the part(?) Find out on the 27th

Really I don't know him very well.... Robert who?
Daveen Dinneen
Daveen, dressed for the part

It's Cathey but not as we know her..
Cathey Reece

The Director going over some points with cast
Kirree Seddon (Director)
Her hair has stood up well to being pulled out a few times!

Introducing Lars Robottom
Lars Robottom
Is this really Robert Goodwin with a pseudonym? Answers on a postcard. . .

Very nice hat & shirt, Sandra. . . . .
Sandra Miller
but don't you need a licence? Or at least provide sunglasses for everyone! (Do not adjust your set!)

Adrian is the Queen of the Fairies.
Adrian Clark
Well, not in real life,... but he does a very good job!!

Oh, darn it!... What with all the buzz and excitement we forgot to take lots of photos on the big night, so sorry (but you should've been there(!) ha ha). The group shot below is the only one and again no Fuggo, and Cath. We'll make sure we take plenty at the next one. 
Around 70 people came to see the performance and all enjoyed it..
Here are some quotes...
"It was pretty good."
"I'm from Edinburgh and it takes a lot to impress me, you were superb." And a different person said. . . .
 "You should take it to the Fringe."
"It was a quality performance."
"We'll definitely be back to see another of your shows."
"I would like to join you." !!!
"It was really funny."
"I cried. I've seen Shakespeare often." (At which bits? We do not know! We can only guess it was at the death scene. Or was it where the pathetic lion growled! ha ha)
"I was in stitches at the dying scene."
"I can't believe they're amateurs."
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Stunning Adrian!!
Adrian Clark - Tatania

The only shot unfortunately..
Merry "clowns"
taken on the night.

And June 19th
A slightly different line-up. These are the programme shots.

Our thanks...
to Kirree Seddon for doing a grand job of producing, directing, sound engineering and lighting. It wouldn't have been possible without her
to all the front of house team.. Karl Reece, Marc Webb, Rob Bradley, Marie Goodwin, and Emily Goodwin.
to Geoff King for making the superb asses mask !
to all our advertisers and to our sponsors, Norcom, Inverness for their generous donations and support, .
to Wendy Sanders, Arts Development Officer for the Highland Council
to Marie Macdonald form the Invergordon Arts Centre
to Karl Reece (again) for printing the colour programme. Last minute hiccup... the photos didn't go through the email.. well done for taking some photos off the website!!
Let us know if we've missed anyone out, pleeease.

Fuggo King

Robert Goodwin
Robert Goodwin

Robert Dinneen
Robert Dinneen

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